Kalamata Magazine is written actually by two gourmet souls, which have met after knowing of their food blogs. They fell first in love with their own recipes and then in each other, so they decided to meet in Barcelona for the first time.

Since then they have been making almost everything together and with love. Here you’ll see all of their recipes. Please enjoy them freely and please let them know, if you doesn’t cope with any of them!


  • Fusillotti with Broccoli & Sardines

    Serves 4 400 gr Fusillotti 400 gr broccoli flowers 4-5 tbsp olive oil 40 gr rusk crumbs 6-8 sardines in oil 1 garlic, chopped 1 red chili, deseeded and chopped 40 gr pinenuts 30 gr sultanas 60 gr pecorino Get a large pan and heat 2 tbsp of the olive oil. Add the sardines and […]

  • Sunny Pumpkins & Pine Nuts Tart

    Serves 4-6 300 gr puff pastry 2 eggs and 1 egg yolk 200 gr ricotta zest of 1 lemon pinch of nutmeg 350 gr pumpkins, sliced 1 handfull pine nuts oregano honey Preheat oven to 180°C. Roll out the pastry to a rectangle that’s about 35 cm x 20 cm. Score a border 2 cm […]

  • Mastic Muhallebi

    Serves 6 500 ml cold milk 1,5 tbsp plain flour 1,5 tbsp corn starch 50 gr sugar 2 tbsp mastic jam fresh red fruits 1 tsp cinnamon (optional) Prepare your pudding cups (glass or ceramic) on the kitchen worktop. Preferably in a stewpan, pour the cold milk, plain flour and corn starch and mix them […]

  • Pistachio Tartelettes

    Serves 8 For the pastry (makes 375 gr) 250 gr plain flour 125 gr unsalted butter, softened at room temperature, cut into small cubes 3 tbsp cold water 1 tsp salt  Sieve the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Using your fingertips, gently work the cubes of butter into the flour and salt until […]